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AGRAFA - LAKES || Digital hiking map

Map scale 1:50,000 || 2022 edition

It covers: North / West / East Agrafa • Lake Kremaston • Lake Plastira • Lake Stefaniada • Amarantos • Bulgara • Rentina • Fourna • Smokovo • Acheloos • Megdovas • Agrafiotis • Ori Valtos / Aetoi / Kalana.

Characteristics: Mountaineering and hiking trails in the paradise of the single Agrafos • 33 marked routes • hot spots for outdoor mountain adventure activities • mileage measurements on roads and trails to accurately plan your hikes • updated road network for correct access • points of caution and danger • easy and fast understanding of the earth's relief • ultra-high resolution terrain and elevation model.

What the functionality of the Avenza Maps application offers • possibility to record track and waypoints based on your location • export routes and waypoints to upload to your favorite app • you don't need a mobile phone signal • Geopsis as a map provider gives free future updates, forever.

Get the digital map to navigate with the Avenza Maps app here:

AGRAFA - LAKES || Printed hiking map

Κλίμακες χάρτη: Α όψη 1:30.000 / Β όψη 1:15.000 Έκδοση 2024

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