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Frequently asked questions and their answers

I need help with my order from your eshop. Where should I look?

If you encounter any issues with your order, please check here. Shipments are made via Greek National Post or PostNord (Swedish National Post) and there may be minor delays at times. We do not use courier services as the cost is particularly high. In any case, contact us; we are here to assist you and resolve any problems that may arise.

In my company we need a custom wall map, can you make it?

Certainly! Not only wall maps, but maps in various formats, digital, printed for wall display, flyers, brochures. Just imagine the map you want and get in touch with us. Here you will find samples of maps we have created for companies or organizations.

I want some small size maps for the book I am preparing. Do you take it on?

Yes! We undertake the creation of maps for book pages of all kinds or even map series such as atlases. Small or large, salon-sized (double-page), black and white or colored, we create the maps that will adorn your next edition.

What do you mean by "social responsibility" and what exactly do you do to contribute to society?

Read here what exactly we do to give back to society a portion of the value we derive from our work. We dedicate part of our time and income to help associations, organizations, and non-profit entities when our work schedule allows.

We want you to cover more areas of the country with your hiking maps. When should we expect them?

We are the only company in the field of cartography in Greece founded by geography experts specializing in GIS and cartography and holding degrees from the Department of Geography at the University of the Aegean. We believe our work stands out for its utmost dedication to quality and detail. In simple terms, it takes us a long time to complete a map. So, please be patient!

Are your digital maps sold for GPS devices or as geotif or jpg files?

Geopsis digital maps are not sold for navigation aids but only for mobile and tablet use through the Avenza Maps app from Avenza. At present, we do not offer our maps for sale in .jpg or .tif or .kmz file formats.

How do you ensure the accuracy of your maps?

We implement a standard quality control system at every stage of creating our maps. From our own on-site recordings and verification of the reliability of the sources we use to the final composition and pilot (initial) use of our maps, our team verifies the accuracy of the information displayed at every stage.

Can you incorporate our branding into a map design?

Certainly. We understand the importance of branding and can include logos, colours and fonts in the most appropriate way to communicate through our products, in the smoothest way and with the greatest impact, your brand or your message.

Do you provide map printing services?

Beyond the series of printed publications with hiking maps, we mainly focus on map design and digital cartographic services. We can prepare any map you imagine for printing and recommend collaborating printing houses, or deliver to your own collaborator.

Do you provide GIS services?

Certainly. We have experience in geoinformatics, spatial analysis, and data visualization. We can help you harness Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology for better understanding and interpretation of your geographic data.

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