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AGRAFA - LAKES || Digital hiking map

Map scale 1:50,000 || 2022 edition

It covers: North / West / East Agrafa • Lake Kremaston • Lake Plastira • Lake Stefaniada • Amarantos • Bulgara • Rentina • Fourna • Smokovo • Acheloos • Megdovas • Agrafiotis • Ori Valtos / Aetoi / Kalana.

Characteristics: Mountaineering and hiking trails in the paradise of the single Agrafos • 33 marked routes • hot spots for outdoor mountain adventure activities • mileage measurements on roads and trails to accurately plan your hikes • updated road network for correct access • points of caution and danger • easy and fast understanding of the earth's relief • ultra-high resolution terrain and elevation model.

What the functionality of the Avenza Maps application offers • possibility to record track and waypoints based on your location • export routes and waypoints to upload to your favorite app • you don't need a mobile phone signal • Geopsis as a map provider gives free future updates, forever.

Get the digital map to navigate with the Avenza Maps app here:

Mobile scan

If you are sitting at a computer and want to download the map quickly and easily to your mobile phone, scan the QR code! Just make sure you have the free Avenza Maps app installed.

To familiarise yourself with Avenza Maps offline digital hiking maps and app, read here

AGRAFA - LAKES || Printed hiking map

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