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Vyron Giannakopoulos

Graduated from the University of the Aegean. MSc Geosciences,
Physical Geography - Natural Hazards and Earth Observation, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

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A few words about me

From my studies I specialized in Natural Disasters and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). As well as Interdisciplinary knowledge in the entire spectrum of Geosciences and Environmental management, while I also obtained specialization from the Max Planck Institute for meteorology in Hamburg.

I have professional experience as a graphic designer and as an Art-director something that came and connected with the field of cartographic publications of Geopsis. Accordingly, my professional experience in Environmental Technical reports and Project Management, enhances the development of Geopsis. 
My mission here is the sustainable improvement of all quality levels as well as the continuous improvement of the already best digital and printed maps of Greece.

In addition to Geopsis, I also teach Geography and Environmental Protection courses at IEK DELTA 360.

Apart from the fieldwork - outdoors which is a small integral part of my work, my hobbies are reading, writing, cooking and teaching. Specifically, I have studied and excelled in the art of cooking with professional training. I continue to train in creative writing and volunteer to lecture to various groups. One of them was the space student group of Kalamata, regarding the SENTINEL satellites and the COPERNICUS program in the ecosystems of the Peloponnese with the cooperation of the Union of Greek Physicists and the Hellenic Educational Union S.T.E.M. 

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