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My name is Lefteris, I love life, choir singing, organic farming, hiking in the rich mountains of Greece, and many other things. I want to see an upgraded and prospering Greece. For this purpose and from my own post, I put my studies and experience to the service of improving outdoor infrastructure and hiking.

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A short story and a short cv

After finishing high school in the city of Kavala in 2000, I had an unforgettable mountaineering experience on the Mountain of Pangaio, full of surprises. I found myself studying in vibrant Mytilene, traveling with dozens of ships (including the legendary ferry Dimitroula), journeying even further to icy Sweden where life had in store for me to find my life's partner and start a family. I studied, worked from being a radio producer and bookstore salesman to a researcher in university labs, but I never let go of geography, maps, and trails.

At Geopsis, I serve as a project manager and field recorder. I speak English, Swedish, and German. I live in my two homelands, Greece and Sweden. Apart from my studies in Geography and Cultural Informatics, I trained in photographic language and imaging at the Gothenburg Academy of Arts. I continue my studies in independent semester-long programs at universities in Sweden and Greece. My favorite place is the forests of Lepida and Stamna, in Rhodope.

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